Computer Repairs

PC, Laptop Repair,Broadband and Wireless setup callouts based in the Coleraine area, covering North Antrim, the North coast Causeway and County Derry.

PC & Apple repair installation and upgrade

We can repair both PC and Mac computers, upgrade Hard drives, Memory, Graphics cards, DVD writers, upgrade or reinstall Windows or Mac OS.

Laptop repairs

Replacement screens, power sockets, memory and hard drive.

Virus & spyware detection and removal

Remove viruses and malware from your computer, once removed we install the latest Antivirus.

Computer maintenance & servicing

Maintaining your computer or laptop, create a backup routine.

Broadband installation & networking

Solve broadband connection problems, set up a wireless router.

Copy data to a new Computer

Move all your photos and documents from an old computer even if it seems to have died.

Data recovery

Recovery information after a crash from your hard disks, photos, documents, emails & address books etc.

IT Support by Remote login

We can provide immediate IT support through secure remote software where we link up to your PC and assist you to resolve your computer problem.