There are so many options for cloud storage these days its easy to get confused, it really depends on your needs. You can get free storage from some Broadband provider also from Google drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Amazon Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Box etc. Some give a total storage allowance and some seperate storage for files & photo storage seperatly.

If you are tech savy you can probably manage a whole sky of clouds from Cumulus to Nimbus but if your a little more cautious then managing one wee Cloud might be all you feel happy with.

For Apple users iCloud is ususally the first storm you encounter. iCloud like Microsoft Onedrive is good for beginers, it almost does it automatically, just say yes and everything is sucked up in a tornado Wizard of Oz style. The problem is if you want to know what its done how it did it and where its gone you’d have to ask Dorothy but if your like the Scarcrow it would be fine as your files and photos would be safely stored in the cloud as long as you remember your username and password. Also like the tornado everything gets suck up, good and bad, so everything at least should be backed up but you may need to do some sorting if you need to use it for recovery.

When it comes to paying for storage there are lots of options and these will vary so while I could give you best offers today they would probably not be relevant in a months time. Currently Google are offering 100GB for £15.99 and Onedrive offer 1TB if you have Office 365 & iCloud ofer 50GB for £0.79. Wisdom would dictate that if your cautious stick with what you know, iCloud for apple users Google for Android.

To make more effective use of your cloud storage you may need to watch a few Youtube videos and do a bit of backgroud research to help you control what goes where and if you’re concerned about your data you may want to ensure you have a local copy just incase (with backups, 2s better than 1 and 3s… I think you get the picture).

With all debates there are always two sides to the storey, if you have a tablet or a notebook which is light on storage with a new but smaller Solid state drive you should be happy that everything is moved to the cloud and not using up valuable space and slowing down your Surface pro, Ipad, Chromebook, Macbook Pro, Samsung S7… and any other devices saving money and resources by providing smaller storage.

Summary, make sure your storage meets your needs, dont pay for it until you need it, do some comparison before purchasing and learn how to manage what is stored and where.

Cloud Storage