We have been able to talk on our phones and also talk on our computers with various software and platforms. Apple are ahead of the game, making and receiving calls on your computer or mobile interchangeably as long as you have the right Mac and iPhone combination. PC are coming along more slowly. Whats App web has been a great step forward allowing use on both PC and Mac with a quick QR code link. Whats App almost gets us there if they only included video calling from our computer like skype.

With Windows 10 and Android 9 things are looking up for Microsoft users. I’ve been experimenting with MS phone. It lets you receive and answer text messages directly from your computer. You can see your pictures although if you’re using Google photos you’ll already be doing that. I have also made and received a few calls through my phone using a headset to cut down feedback and echo, it’s getting better but not quite there yet.

To use these new features you’ll need:

Android Phones 7.0 or higher
Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth radio
Requires 19H1build or newer
Requires minimum Windows 10 build 18362.356

Making calls on your phone through your computer