Just to be balanced both Apple and Microsoft are having problems with their updates.

Apple put out an update “CVE-2019-8605” to counter  security issues which accidentally reverted exposing Macs to the problem again. This has been fixed now so hopefully will stay fixed.

Microsoft have been having problems with the patch  (KB4512941) which caused go slow with Cortana, the new patch (KB4515384)  caused a problem with Wifi adapters on some machines, rolling back the update cures the problem, don’t know what happens with Cortana though.

On the good news front Apple will Lauch its new OS in October to be called Catalina, get ready by making sure you have all your important stuff backed up, know what your Apple ID and password are.

Windows 10 is allowing more and more integration with your phone, you can now see and send texts directly from your computer just like with a Mac, of course Whats app has given us this feature on both PC and Mac since 2015.

OS update problems