Windows 10 KB4535996 has been causing problems, I also had a problem on my computer last week so, it was time for a clean install. I had been running the 2004 beta edition but due to a few wee things that I had been letting slip like external hard drives not poping up when I plugged them in requiring me to go to Disk Management and adding a drive letter, problems with USB3 devices, yawn. So I did a clean install but couldnt get past 1909 KB4535996 (which is probably a good thing after reading about the problems its causing) so I skipped to the 2004 beta version again and everything is good. Microsoft suggested switching off KB4535996 till it was fixed but since 2004 beta runs better why not. The previous 2004 install had a few blue screens but the new install seems very stable so far.

Windows 10 search & Beta 2004